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  • Service Pricing Question

    Just started setting up my first site here and have been surprised at some of the "additional" costs that have been sprung upon me.

    Install fees for outside SSL's are understandable as 3d offers their own to customers.

    But I was just told that having my 301 redirects imported was going to cost an additional $80 to have done. This is something that should be standard from a cart provider and is with Volusion and BigCommerce.

    So I'm wondering, does anyone know of any published price-list of these additional costs so a potential customer knows what to expect?

    I'm still within my 30 day trial so I'd like to know what to expect before time runs out.


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    I'm not aware of any but I've been quite surprised by several things here myself. I think your best bet would be to contact support about pricing issues. Please also be aware of bandwidth usage. When you're setting up your store, tweaking after going live, etc. it uses additional bandwidth and that's a $5 per GB charge for each additional GB of bandwidth used. It seems each time I make a move on my site it costs me an additional $5 LOL I know better what to look for in the future, there's always a price for education


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      We just migrated 3dCart a couple of months ago, and other than the SSL certificate we didn't pay for anything else. Bandwidth allowance has been just as expected, and while it is true that admin time does also count, that is true everywhere.

      If you want set up help or custom programming of course those cost additional. There can be extra charges for plug-ins too, depending on which plan you selected. Those costs are all listed with the plug-in descriptions in the admin panel. If you have a $99 per month plan or higher, though, the plug-ins are included.

      Our experience with 3dCart has been nothing short of amazing. Their tech support is better than any we have experienced ever, and they are very responsive to their customers. You will also find that the user community here is one of the most active and happy in existence. 3dCart isn't perfect, but boy they sure try to be, and many of their upgrades are a direct result of them paying attention to the concerns expressed by people through tech support and here on the forums. We did months of research before making our decision to move to 3d, and couldn't be happier with our choice. I hope you find the same to be true!
      Laura Z
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        I too have nothing but good things to say about 3dCart. We have not found any hidden charges--they've been up front about what things were extra, etc. We did have some custom programming done initially (2 years ago) and were well informed as to the cost breakdown--we chose to do some of them, and declined the ones that weren't really worth it to us. Of course some of them have now become standard items for everyone else, so you're welcome everyone (just kidding).

        Tech support is the best I've ever had, and this is my fourth (I think) cart in the last 10 years. Hands down the best support!