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Surcharge if minimum order is not met

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  • Surcharge if minimum order is not met

    is it possible to add a surcharge automatically if a customer makes an order below your minimum order?

    for example you have a $100 min order and they buy a single item for $35 a fee of say $10 will be added

    if so how is this accomplished. and if not can this be considered to be a new feature in a future release?

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    At this time we don't have this feature. It sounds like a useful feature, i can see customers ordering a bit more in order to not be charged this fee. I will put this on the "todo" list...
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      This is a feature I would love to see as well, Gonzalo. We have minimums for our wholesale customers, who do sometimes just need an item or two that don't meet our minimums. Being able to impose a small order fee would be so helpful!


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        Gonzalo please consider adding this functionality its especially useful for many of us who have a wholesale site, i have one in the pipe under a new cart with you guys. I dont think it would be entirely difficult to code into the cart.