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  • First class mail

    Looking at the shipping options (from the demo admin site) there is nothing that would let me have first class mail as a shipping option. Is there a way to add first class mail as a option or is it possible for you to add it?

    No first class mail is a absolute deal killer for me since about 50% of my orders are shipping by first class mail.

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    Actually we have first class; the demo database may not have it as an option but its part of the USPS integration. Most likely it was left out because the majority of our customers ship physical products in boxes for which first class is not an option, however, we can enable First Class if you like on your demo or full account.
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      You can ship anything you want via USPS First Class even if it's in a box. It has to be less than 24" long and be under 4 lbs.