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What is the cost for installing SSL certificate?

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  • What is the cost for installing SSL certificate?

    Currently have an SSL certificate. I have received an email to "renew" my certificate from 3dcart, however, my current certificate is with a third party. However, on the website it says there is a $99 fee to change my SSL to 3dcart's. Also, what is the fee to install a third party SSL certificate. i can't find it anywhere.
    Thanks! :)

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    Support says $49. Keep in mind it's a one time charge for as long as the cert is good so if you buy a multi year cert and at a good price it's done. When the cert needs renewed they have to reinstall it so go long for the best for your buck. If it's just one year you might want to check your options.

    Here's the link to add it:


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      Actually, it looks like it's $99 for them to install an SSL certificate. :(
      Most SSL certificates these days are EV


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        Guess that's true. I had called about this and they gave me the price and emailed the link. Never really looked at it.