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    I would like to see a site that is using Power Reviews and 3dCart!

    PM's accepted.

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      Thanks! Nicely done!


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        I used power reviews when we where with Prostores because you could get reviews for on your site for items you sold though ebay. With 3dcart though to be honest I do not see a hugh advantage between the default and power reviews. Now with Prostores there was a hugh advantage, if I still used Prostores I would still use power reviews, but I do not. This is just imo I could be wrong.


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          My grading on reviews :-)

          Amazon - A
          Power Reviews - B-
          3dCart C+
          Volusion Reviews C-

          With Power Reviews it does include customer pictures, video, and reviewing of reviews by a third party service. My headache is with my previous cart, Volusion, I needed PowerReviews. Its a shame that 3dcart, and other carts don't improve their Review Systems. Its such an important feature that helps conversion tremendously, and that it is treated as a second class citizen. There are a lot of advantages to having one system handle both reviews and the product data. And with it now possible on the Google Feed to show reviews, the importance of integration becomes even more important.


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            I heard about them but haven't tried yet tho Their content control lets you control where your content appears, and also protecting your brand.
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