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  • Many troubles

    I'm new to 3D, and am having several issues in trying to build my site. I would like to be able to post on these boards to ask questions of fellow users, but I'm blocked from doing so--I can log in, but don't have the right to post, so I'm posting here as an unregistered user. I've submitted a ticket on this issue several days ago, and it still is not resolved. Can anyone tell me how to reach tech support? I must admit, I'm not very impressed with the availablity and timeliness of support help thus far!!! Glad I have that 30 day money back guarantee!

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    I've had nothing but prompt responses from tech support. As for being able to post on the forums, my memory is a little bit hazy but from what I remember you cannot log into the forums unless you have an active account (not trial) and they link your forum account to your actual cart subscription. Give it a little bit of time and I'm sure you will get in


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      It looks like your account was not set to active because the email was not verified. I've manually updated your account.

      I looked at the support system and noticed that you have no open tickets at this time, please submit a support request if you run into any questions, the forum is not a place to ask for 3dCart staff to look into an issue, it’s a place to share information with other merchants.


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        I too have been satisfied with help received from tech support. Someone else on a previous post recommended contacting them through Live Support. I've found this to be the fastest way to reach them and then email second.

        I'm very happy with my decision to switch from a competing cart to 3dcart. If you decide to sign up, once you get over the initial phase of getting everything setup and designed (which can be a bit tricky at first), I think you'd be very happy with your decision.
        Best wishes!


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          I actually did do the email confirmation, but I guess it didn't work. I've been waiting all week for the administrator to "approve" me and it looks like it finally was completed this evening. Thank you! Now I can quit bugging tech support and ask my fellow users my millions of questions. :)

          I'm moving over from Monster Commerce, and I must say, I think this is a fabulous product! It has so many of the features that I've been waiting for. As for tech support, they did respond today--I'm just frustrated because I haven't been able to make much progress this week and am axious to be up and running.

          Can anyone tell me how to get my username and password for both the Live Chat and Cart Stats? I didn't get any information in an email regarding how to activate them.

          Thanks so much for all of the encouragement!
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            Welcome RRW,

            I too recently came from MonsterCommerce and love 3dcart! It's a much better solution for my particular needs.

            As far as your passwords, I would open a support ticket requesting your passwords by emailing tech support.

            Best wishes to you!


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              Just another voice in support of the 3dcart crew. They are busy folk but never leave you hanging. I've gotten emails back on service tickets late at night and on the weekend. I wouldn't expect that from anyone, but it's nice to know they are out there and doing their best to keep their merchants covered.

              Happy Halloween all...



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                I understand your initial frustration as I felt somewhat the same initially. I have been encouraged to know that better help will be directly accessible from the admin section in the new version. In working on the site, i would click the help button and the very basic info of the help index would open. I usually needed a little more help than what was provided there. Once i got the system down and found all the knowledge base info for more indepth help and the forums and bookmarked them, i started making progress.

                The new version provides all those links in the new admin control. Now that i have nearly completed the cart and started processing orders, i have to say... i love, love, love it!

                But i am somewhat bummed that i will likely have to wait til January to upgrade to 3.0 - just as I've gotten used to the earlier version!

                One big plus... concerns that you express do not fall on deaf ears. I expressed concern about the lack of expiration for digital downloads. At first I was dismayed about this... while I know that once a file's out there, you can't prevent people from sharing. But I was more concerned with the passing on of links and potential increase in ease of sharing and bandwidth usage.

                Low and behold to my delight, i tested the function the other day and they changed it to expire in 7 days! I was amazed.

                This is an example of their dedication to providing not just a good cart... but a great cart that will continue to improve over time. I love that!


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                  I'm sorry for the frustrations that you have experienced.

                  If there is anything we can assist you with, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

                  1-800-828-6650 x118