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    I'm currently looking at this software, and as a retailer in the UK need to change the date format from mm/dd/yyyy to UK format dd/mm/yyyy

    is there any way of doing this?


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    UK User

    Hi Nick
    I know your posting was a long time ago but I was wondering if you resolved your issue and if you are still using 3D Cart.

    I too am a UK user of 3D Cart. I have the same issue and want to use this cart with Stone Edge Order Manger. 3D have offered to do some custom coding for me, for a charge.

    Do you use a back end order manager system?



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      Date format a problem for me too!

      Hi guys,

      I'm from New Zealand and recently put 3dcart through it's paces and have the same issue. We use date format dd/mm/yyyy also.

      Let me know if you find out how to change it! :cool:


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        Another UK merchant

        Hi there

        Good to meet other non-US cart users as we seem to be the only ones with this need.

        I've got to say that this is an issue for a support ticket. Ask the question and see what they say.

        We've had the date format changed away from US-format when we switched to a dedicated server hosted in the UK.

        There are a few minor issues we have to work with, but this is more to do with the fact we changed format part-way through the year and any date-dependant data gets a bit confused when pulling reports or sales information off. Once we roll into 2010, this will cease to be a problem for us.

        Best of luck!


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          Option to use UK date format - Answer.

          Hi guys - we've got an answer now.

          We have a number of carts and they're all targeted at the UK and Europe. Like other non-US cart owners, we have to provide our invoices in UK date format to comply with tax requirements.

          3dCart can custom code it for us, for a price.

          Just thought this was interesting: the rest of the world seems to use dd/mm/yyyy. Wouldn't it be a good idea if 3dCart had an option in the main cart options to present dates in dd/mm/yyyy instead of mm/dd/yyyy for invoicing?


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            We also have this problem with date format and weight format.
            date being from MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY and weight being
            from lbs to kg

            We have been in contact with 3dcart about it and they told us
            that the best they could do was to delete it for a price.

            Surely the date format can be changed.

            Anyone any idea's



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              "We have been in contact with 3dcart about it and they told us
              that the best they could do was to delete it for a price"

              I think you have your response and it's directly from 3dcart.


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                Hi Mark,

                Yes 3dcart told me the only thing they could do is delete it for a price
                but if you have a look at the post from tradeplumbing, they have said that
                3dcart are going to custom code it for them for a price.

                Thats why I was asking.
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                  I know this is an old post, but I have been in contact with 3D cart and they have said that they aren't able to custom code the date format. We're in Australia and as you guys can appreciate the US date format isn't really acceptable.

                  Very keen to see how you guys have managed this or if you have found a workaround?

                  Tradeplumbing - how did you get it custom coded?

                  Appreciate any help!


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                    I too would be very interested... thanks


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                      I would also be interested in changing the date format together with:

                      - number format, thus xxx,xx instead of xxx.xx
                      - being able to translate shipping countries in local language
                      - disable the required 'state' field in the checkout
                      - being able to translate the livechat chatbox language

                      Then it would be more appealing for international use.


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                        Sorry for the late reply, no they're unable to change the date format. We tried all avenues, and were prepared to pay for custom work but unfortunately there can't change it for some reason.

                        What isn't understood is that you cannot attempt to operate in a country when you're not following convention, that's a turn off to many online shoppers as there are a lot of sites out there pretending to be 'local'. We couldn't take that risk.

                        A big shame, as 3dcart seemed so promising for us.

                        As you say, it would make it more appealing to an international market and would give them so much more market share.

                        Best of luck!