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  • Monster VS 3d

    Hello all, I looked to see if there was a thread about this already and did not see one...I am currently with Monster, but have been repeatedly suggested that I move to 3d. Is there a place to see what the main differances are. I have alot of products, and I am sure moving them all, without loosing all my customers info would be a hassle...I want to see if the move would be worth it or not.

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    I recently made the switch from Monster to 3dcart. I have been very happy with my decision to switch! As far as transferring your products, I believe that part of 3dcart's migration service is to import your products and customer data into your new 3dcart store. Depending on how many options you have for your products, you may have to do some final tweaking to get everything just the way you want it.

    I won't say the move will be completely free of hassles. There's definitely a learning curve in figuring out how to do custom design (I believe 3dcart provides basic design for free). But for me the move was well worth it. My sales have steadily increased and my visitor count has also increased as well (this also may be attributed to the holiday shopping season). My pageviews and visitors have increased almost 4 times as much as my previous store. I also found that my site has improved with Google. Some of my page ranking with MSN dropped, but they have increased with Google and Yahoo (seems like I heard MSN likes Monster sites). Also, the admin panel is very easy to use.

    As far as seeing the differences, you may have seen these pages, but if not here's a couple of links detailing what 3dcart offers:

    Please let me know if you have more specific questions.
    Best wishes to you!
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      I just made the same move myself, and although I'm still in the building phase, I can't tell you how happy I am! 3D is so much easier to use, and best of all, there is "real" tech support that is not only knowledgeable, but very timely. I just wish I had made the move sooner!