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Pre-Sales – Store Hosting FAQ

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  • Pre-Sales – Store Hosting FAQ

    Pre-Sales – Store Hosting FAQ:

    Where is my store hosted?
    We rent server space from the largest ISPS in the planet including:

    Rack Space
    Ev1 Servers
    Peer 1

    Because we have multiple servers in different datacenters, should an outage occur, the outage will be limited to just those accounts hosted in that particular datacenter. Should an extended outage occur, we can migrate store information to another datacenter in the matter of minutes.

    How often do you backup data?
    Backups are done daily, and the data is stored for 30 days, so if for example you erase or overwrite a picture of a product by mistake, we can retrieve the file for you.

    How many stores are hosted in each machine?
    We host between 1-40 stores per server, depending on the package you choose, your store is assigned to a server in one of our datacenters. Servers are constantly monitored for performance. Sites taking too much bandwidth or too much CPU resources are moved to other servers to prevent the rest of the stores from slowing down.

    What if I need more bandwidth?
    You can purchase additional bandwidth at $5 per gigabyte (discounts apply when pre-purchasing bandwidth of 5+ gigs, talk to our sales representatives for more info.)

    Can I get my own dedicated machine?
    Yes, we are now offering dedicated servers from $279.99; this includes 1000GB of bandwidth!

    Do I get [email protected]?
    Yes, you get your own mail server, including an advanced web mail system which allows you to manage your email server.

    Do I get an FTP account?
    Yes, all accounts include FTP.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111