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  • last minute help with migration

    My site is not yet published on 3DCart because full migration is not yet finished. I've been migrating my site from legacy platform, Interspire, over to 3dcart. When csv data was brought from BC to 3DC, all product META and keywords were not included. Helper since backed out. I've heard that when relocating a site, Google indexing is lost. I'm almost ready to publish but I need a little overview help to tweak and fine tune so to make sure I haven't missed anything. Anyone know anyone who can assist?

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    Are you setting up 301 redirects for all your old links? That will help with your indexing and not losing all your links. I don't know if you are transferring over customer data, but I found that in my migration any zip code with a leading zero -- the zero was dropped, which caused trouble for those customers when they tried to place their first orders on the new site.
    Joe Arbogast


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      No on 301 redirects because I'm removing prior links completely and because I don't know how. Someone at 3DC told me prior customer data could not be transferred. I am a graphic designer and I really don't understand migration, SEO, CSS, and html code enough to finish this migration on my own. I don't know what to check for. My prior help disappeared! That's why I need someone that can help me get this finished. I'd be happy to pay for help to make sure it is done right.


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        Not sure how you "remove prior links" that Google and Bing/Yahoo have indexed or that are saved on other websites, blogs, forums etc.

        On the customer data, what I moved over via csv file was customer address info (only one address set) and email address -- passwords could not be transferred, but at least the customers had an "account" that they could start with, though no order information was transferred. The trouble with no passwords being transferred is that many customers don't understand why or how they have to reset their passwords on the new software and I get angry comments/emails, etc. about being "a long time customer and your site does'nt recognize me any longer." It's about a 3-month pain window.
        Joe Arbogast


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          As I mentioned, I don't know how to setup 301 redirects. I read the article in 3DC knowledge base and I just don't understand it. I exported a csv file from my existing website, but the column names are different and there is no ID column and old and new urls are already filled in. I tried calling 3DC Support, but kept getting the message to leave a message.
          I'm afraid to try on my own as I don't want to mess up my new site.


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            Ok, this is very very very important to get done. If not you will lose all your traffic. I came from Bigcommerce and had a botched migration. non of the 301 redirects were done as promised. I was told we could use our BC URLs that did not get done either. but I can help you get through your 301s easier.

            you need to work from your interspire CSV and open up one for 3dcart. I would hide all the columns on both sheets other then product sku / part number, and URLs This will allow you to quickly match them up. I would then make sure the product sku colum is sorted the same on both sheets. you will then need to open up a csv for the 301 redirects you can do this through the SEO menu in the admin panel.

            I woudl then do a find and replace function on the URL colum to remove the uneeded part of the URL since the 301 redirect only takes whats after the " / " remove that from both the interspire sheet and 3dcart sheets.

            the 301 redirect export file should have 2 colums one is the new URL which is the 3dcart url , the other is the old URL which would be interspires URL.

            You then just copy the modified url column from your interspire csv export and paste it under the old url column on the 301 csv
            then the same for the new column on the 301 csv but with the modified url column from your 3dcart export csv.

            you will get a 301 export csv file that looks like this


            I would actually try to keep your old URLs if you have not gone live yet. That i have not brushed up on.


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              No I'm still not live and I want to be sure I get this right. thank you ForcedFabllc for the help. I talked with another member who was quite helpful, but I am having a hard time understanding what to take from the Interspire csv file to use in a new csv file for 3DC. Attached is a sample of the beginning items from my exported 301s from Interspire. The entire file is 780 rows. Everyone I click on (all 780) go to the homepage on my existing live site. None of the Interspire URLs go to a page or product. See attached*

              Next, I know the format I need for 3DC 301s (ID, Old_URL, New_URL) - but I don't know how to retrieve the modified url column from 3dcart export csv??
              The other helper told me to click each OLD URL and whatever page it shows my current live site, locate the corresponding page on my new 3DC site and grab the extension path after the /

              Any clear direction will be most helpful.
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                  When doing 301 redirects, you can't use parameters.
                  So articles.php?xxxx and articles.php?yyy will be the same. you will need an actual url that ends with htm, html php asp or aspx etc.. to redirect.

                  That goes the same for faq.php?xxx and index.php?xxx.

                  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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                    Hi elightbox,
                    I don't think you bring me bad news. I am LOST! I don't understand parameters. What I attached above, the file, That is a sample of the 301 export csv from my existing site admin on Interspire. What I'm trying to learn is what do I do with all of that to create a new csv file to import into 3DCart?


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                      TeriErni the 301 redirects are not confusing at all. It is very simple.

                      The import file in 3dcart will have three columns. Id, which you will leave blank because it will be assigned automatically.

                      Old URL and new URL. so you will enter index.php and index.html respectively (do not enter your site address

                      That's it. then you import.

                      The point I was making is that index.php?xxx. and index.php?YYY and index.php?whatever are all the same as far as 301's are concerned. they will all go to index.html

                      The same for FAQ.php?whatever. They will all go to whatever redirect you have for faq.php. so you can have a thousand ?xyxyxy, these will be ignored.


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                        sorry to be such a pain to you elightbox but I am a visual person. when you explain, I am unsure if I'm following you. So with the below info, would you show me exactly what to use. Here are 2 actual URLs on the csv file I exported from my Interspire (I didn't add anything to it, the 3 columns are named Old Path/Old URL/New URL when I opened the file and there are 780 entries similar to these 2):

                        Old Path | Old URL | New URL
                        /faq.php?cID=1 /pages.php?pageid=11
                        /faq.php?cID=2 /pages.php?pageid=11

                        Now, can you show me what out of those 3 columns/2 rows I would insert in the 3DCart csv file for import:

                        ID | old_url | new_url
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                          TeriErni what I am saying is You Cannot do the 301's for these. Anything after the ? is ignored.

                          The only thing you can redirect is the FAQ.PHP to whatever new page you have for the FAQ. faq.php?cid=1 & faq.php?cid=2 are exactly the same as far as the redirect is concerned.

                          To redirect, insert FAQ.php in the old_url, and your new URL (the part after the /) in the new_url


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                            TeriErni - I am all for stumbling through a project and learning as you go, but not on this. You need to hire someone to do this for you. Messing up a migration can cause problems that last and last and last. It is better to have a professional do it and spend your time managing your business. You can always learn and teach yourself later, but you have only one shot to nail your migration.
                            - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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                              DeanP that's what I was trying to do; locate someone to hire, but someone on the forum told me it was easy and I should do it myself. then last evening, someone looked at my export file and told me I could likely just create a 404.html page and that would likely take care of it. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do that either!