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Looking for insight on moving to 3Dcart

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  • Looking for insight on moving to 3Dcart

    So far it looks pretty cut and dried that I'm moving to 3Dcart. Have had a cart from 2008 and I think it is pretty well time for a change. So I've been through having a cart moved from host to host, but never dropping one cart and going with another.

    I'm not too worried. I've a small line of product (30-35) and will just enter them one at a time. I think the only thing that I'll import is my customer accounts and mailing lists. From my reading I understand that customer order history will be lost, correct? As well as all passwords?

    As for the mailing list, I have three, the big one is "everybody' then I've started sorting them by international and domestic depending on who I'm attempting to reach. If I understand right 3Dcart has API's that will sort the list based on used defined conditions? So maybe just best to import the "everybody" list and let the cart do the sorting?

    My old cart uses friendly SEO, I've never done 303 redirects but I take it that I'm just putting in my old cart SEO info for the product in the new 3Dcart? So if I do SEO different with 3Dcart all my old links will still work, yes?

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    What cart are you moving from?


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      Welcome to 3dcart.
      1. Order history will be lost.
      2. If you have the existing passwords, you can import them.
      3. 3dcart will not sort your mailing list. If you know how to use the API you can do lots of stuff, but that is by no means automatic.
      4. In the redirects you put your old URLs and Corresponding URL in 3dcart. Your old links will work unless there is a ? in the URL. Anything after the ? will not be considered with re-directs. In the re-directs do not enter "". only enter what comes after the / for both the old and the new. This has nothing to do with other SEO items you enter for each product or category. You should do the URL redirects for your products and categories. Go to Marketing, look for redirects, add one, then download. that will give you a template as to how do the rest in Excel. Save in CSV and import into 3dcart.
      5. Choose your template carefully. Once you start editing and modifying, it is harder to switch templates. 3dcart templates only have one column in mobile, so you end up with a long column of products. Shawn from the cart designer has a cure here:
      6. make any CSS changes in the default_modified.css, that way the original CSS file will get updated with the new entries that 3dcart adds. The modified file will only override these entries that are in it.
      7. If you know how to use FTP, it will save you time in uploading and organizing images.

      Good luck.