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Prototype + Scriptaculous okay?

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  • Prototype + Scriptaculous okay?

    Just wondering if anyone's successfully implemented Prototype and Scriptaculous advanced javascript libraries with 3D cart (whether with their template or a custom one)....

    And is there a way to keep those files in the < head> section of 3dcart? Or is that off limits for us?

    Any feedbacks would be appreciated.

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    You have full control over the output, including the HEAD section (controlled by frame.html). We've used prototype and Scriptaculous in the past. The biggest challenge with Javascript is the debugging process should something not work as expected. I recomend that you use Firefox as it's javascipt debugging works very well to pinpoint the issue.
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      Thank you. That's all I needed to know. I do plan on using Firefox + Firebug since that's what I've been using for most all other JS related projects. One of your competitors has a weird support of Prototype/Scriptaculous which renders some effects useless... So I thought I'd ask first before jumping in...