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  • Category re-order

    Hello all,

    For over a month now, I have been unable to re-order categories. I know I should be able to click and drag on any new category that I create and move it to whatever position I want it to be in, however, I cannot. The only way I was able to re-order (organize) my categories was to have customer service do it for me. This glitch seemed to coincide with having to clear cache whenever I try to add a new product. (which by the way it quite annoying) Has anyone else experienced this and if so how do you correct it. I am using chrome as that is what the customer service rep said 3dcart now uses.


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    Well, believe it or not, I have an answer from weird as it sounds (to me at least) because my computer can also be used as touch screen, I can re-order my categories by using my finger to move the category positions. Yet I still cannot do it using my mouse. Who knew!!!