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Has anyone moved from Shopify to 3dcart?

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  • Has anyone moved from Shopify to 3dcart?

    Wanted to see if anyone has moved from Shopfiy to 3dcart and their experience, good or bad? Thanks!

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    We've moved almost everything to 3DCart but in some cases haven't. Every website has their own idiosyncrasies, number of orders, amount of dollar volume done and, depending on the platform, those things can affect the functionality of your website and/or the amount you pay for monthly operations. I can tell you that I have tried every single shopping cart solution out there over the past decade and NONE of them are perfect. Every one has something that you wish the other one would do and vice-versa.

    More than anything, you really need to evaluate the number of free plugins that are available and compare that to the cost of what those type of plugins will cost with another shopping cart provider.

    In the end, we have found that 3DCart works best for 95% of the more than 60 stores we manage. We use other platforms for the few that it doesn't work best for. The only way to find out for yourself is to take advantage of the free trials that are available for every shopping cart platform to see what works best for your particular situation.
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