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  • ShareASale Module

    I was reading this

    I went into my store but did not see the shareasale module. The shareasale module is not available in my store.

    I called support, spoke to Tina. She stated that I have to purchase the module to see it in my store.

    I do not see an option to purchase this... Can someone shed some light, if I need to purchase, how do I purchase??

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    Sorry about the confusion with the app , but we got everything sorted out and it should be available now. We also had one of our reps email you the details, if you have any questions or concern feel free to reply to that email or reach back out to support. Thanks so much for your patience!


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      Thanks for the update. I am not aware of receiving the details yet.

      Another issue - ticket number CFK-495-28163

      This is an urgent issue as we are trying to go live with a new site but something is wrong - maybe with the ssl. We have been unable to update url and make new site https

      Issue reported at 6 am this morning yet still no resolution. Everything on hold, putting in redirects etc. until we can get the url issue resolved.


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        Checking the ticket this is an ssl install. The email says you will just need to update the secured url in the store setting area and then hit save. You should be good to go after that.


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          Yes, you are correct. However, for unknown reasons we could not update the secured url in the settings, we did not even have the option available on our end. Thanks for your help in getting this issue resolved quickly.