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    Just thought I would post my most recent experience with 3dcart customer service...

    Noticed earlier this evening that our site was a bit slow to load. :mad:

    Submitted a ticket and, since it's Sunday, didn't expect immediate response.

    Within ten minutes, 3dcart tech support emailed me back - asked a few questions for clarification - provided me with a step by step procedure for running a traceroute and requested that I send the results of that test to them.

    It was determined that the issue was not something that 3dcart could directly control. The issue was with their server provider and, again, I expected no resolution until Monday.

    At 9:45 PM (keep in mind it's Sunday night) I received the fifth follow-up email from 3dcart tech support with a status update.

    The issue has been resolved. :) I gotta say that the level of attention to the issue was over the top! Near immediate reply - precision troubleshooting - swift resolve! ...all on a Sunday evening!

    Gotta love it! :D

    Thanks, gang!


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    Isn't that the truth--they are great when it comes to getting us back up and running quickly. Tech support at 3d is the best of any company I've dealt with in 8 years of online business! :)


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      I had the same issue last night as well. Swift response to my ticket. Site is running fast now this morning! :)


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        Yup! I gotta say that while I have had a few hiccups with customer support depending on who takes the ticket, that recently I have had two great experiences from Jimmy. This last time I had something that I thought for sure would result in a couple hrs of tech time. But, next thing I know the ticket is closed "all fixed now" my only wish, being a tech myself was knowing what was done to fix it. But as fast as these guys move I don't wanna bother them with such details.


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          I second that--they are all good, but Jimmy is exceptional! :)

          Love, Jimmy's Mom
          (just kidding!)


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            Let me say that support, whether it be tech or design is top notch. At the same time, they seem to be a little stand-offish when it comes to phone calls though and I'm one that would prefer to speak with someone when I have a problem whether than email. Bottom line though, as far as needing to get something done and in a timely manner, 3D Cart wins my vote over any shopping cart I've dealt with before. 2 thumbs up for email support, 1 1/2 thumbs up for phone support.

            On second note, 3dcart is definitley not eBay on this issue, LOL. I think we all know that story, so no explanation necessary.


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              I've never really had to deal with them by phone since they are usually so quick to respond via email. With my business, I do find that I can usually assist at least 10 people via email in the time that it takes me to assist 1 by phone, so maybe that is why they are short and sweet when it comes to phone calls. :)


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                I really hate to bring up an "old" thread, but I thought this would help newcomers .... I am somewhat new to 3DCart, but I myself have had nothing but the best support (mostly chat and phone) for any questions/solutions so far. Support rocks!

                As a side note, I would like to see more activity from 3DCart in the forums (don't be afraid to be "transparent" - customers love it) and/or more activity from cart users in the Features Request section. This assumes that the people at 3D actually look/listen/implement the suggestions made. Just my thoughts.


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                  3dcart does recognize the need for more support in the forum. Unfortunately the extra help needed came in the form of a user contest in lieu of a real staffer.:confused:
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