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    I'm just getting ready to launch our new site and would like to have some feedback from anyone/everyone.

    All comments, concerns and criticisms welcomed and encouraged.


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    Good on ya, mate!

    Just a few things from me:

    On product pricing, are you having the product be priced at $0.00 and then adding value based on the size option to equal the total amount? I guess this because I can't see pricing info other than the (+$89.99) next to the options. This is a fine way of doing it, and I'll bet it would work well, I just have one problem: it's confusing to have the "+" sign in there. I feel like it's adding to a base price (which it is designed to do) and then I get confused when I can't FIND a base price. This is an easy fix, just go into listing_x.html template you're using, find that snippet of code, and take out the "+" so it just displays as "89.99"

    Another (small) thing is you might want to have the images and other files that open with many links toward the bottom go to a custom 404 page of some kind as it doesn't look like you have those files all up yet. It's a lot nicer to have it pop up (in a new window so that they don't have to leave your product page) and say "We don't have that one yet, sorry!" than to have IE or FF or whatever tell him/her that that page doesn't exist... then they have to click back on their browser just to get to the product again and I even accidentally closed the window thinking it'd opened in a new one, lol.

    Other than this really nit-picky stuff I couldn't find much I didn't like. It's well laid out, attractive to the eye, easy to get the information you need without overloading you with info you don't want. The images are nicely edited, as is the copyrighting. Very very well done, I'd say. Congrats!


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      Wish I had more time to comment. But I'd said it looks great. Very nicely done - it's very attractive and simple to navigate.


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        Thanks glowsource and scribetime. Glowsource...I couldn't find where to delete the [+ information by the price...any thoughts on how to find it?


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          I think its in the store language section somewhere.


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            Thanks GoldenEagle.
            The + was in the language section. Looked in the listing_0.html file for the [ character, but couldn't find it.


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              are you using a different listing template?
              In the categories section, there is several listing types which would be listing_0, listing_1, listing_2 etc.....


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                IDK what you did but now it looks fine, lol. But yeah, for reference, it should be in the listing_x.html page you're using. Scroll to the part where the options code is (dropdown, dropimage, radio, etc.) and you'll find aaaaaall the different option displays and how they work. I haven't done it myself, but I'd actually just CNTRL-F and look for "+" - if it's there, it's there... if it's not, then I wouldn't know how to remove it. Anyway, like I said, it looks fixed now :)