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  • Hit Counter on your website?

    Any thoughts on a vistor counter on your website?
    The incremental counter shown to visitors?
    Is there a free script that can accomplish a hit count without linking outside the site?
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    they used to have several different options for linking to the site no link counters and other options

    That's what I use but I prefer to keep the counter invisible



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      We use a combination of 3dcart's stats and an external stat program run from our in-house servers (tracks people in real time, handles chat requests, etc.). I'd advise against displaying a hit counter on your store's site though, it generally comes off as tacky and unprofessional. The stats that 3dcart provides already have far more information than a counter could provide you anyway.


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        yes, I'm not talking about any analytical tool, just the "You are vistor number XXX"
        Just curious what folks think about those. They were really popular several years back, as everybody had them. And, it was quite obvious that many allowed you to adjust the incremental amount per visit.

        What about the "McDonalds" idea of "Over XXX,XXX<XXX satisfied customers" ?


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          Statcounter can be made solely as a hot counter but its nice having the extras there should you want them
          for stats I use smarterstats anyway so should probably delete the code for statcounter oh well

          I guess for something simple you might check
 would also work

          Best wishes to you