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    So 3dcart did us the honor and put us in their client gallery. woohoo 3dcart! Take a peek at our online Web 2 Print site (business cards, postcards, brochures). It's a broker / reseller site, so you need a login to see pricing and buy.

    you can create your own login or use my dummy login pass

    [email protected]

    good job 3dcart!

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    I think it looks great. Very professional. Couple of things:

    1-I'm personally against having to login to see pricing, because it seems like you're hiding something. But I understand why you may want to do that.
    2-The thumbnails you're using (such as rackcard100lbcover_thumbnail.gif) haven't been properly resized, so they are distorted.
    3-There is nothing on the product pages telling people the have to login to see pricing, and I initially missed the line of text on the home page. This will confuse anyone coming across your site who doesn't already know this.
    4-Big advertisements banners, such as the one under "YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO VIEW PRICING." should always link to the products they are displaying. Otherwise, what's the point?
    5-The big picture of your building is re-assuring to some people, but it wastes valuable marketing space on your home page - which is your most valuable space.
    6-Browse/Buy/Upload buttons don't work for me in FF3.
    7-None of the links at the bottom, above the copyright, work for me in FF3.

    I think it's a great launch! Best of luck!


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      Looks very nice.
      Two little things. the link to your Visa/MC/DC needs to leave off the http:// part. It causes security warnings in IE
      Just use the /assets/images/etc part of the link.
      I would set the table width to 980 so legacy monitors don't have to scroll horizontally when viewing your site.
      Otherwise looks terrific.