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  • Browse by colors?

    Hi, I searched the forum for days and didn't see anything about it. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to browse by colors in my shop? I saw some stores have provide links on left banner under category, how to do that? Or it depends on which template I use?

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    I am currently working on my webiste and I have this feature. The design though was made by 3dcart on a custom package, so I dont know if you can do it with the other templetes. I can tell you how they did it. Under "categories" they created "Shop by Colors." Then in sub-categories they added each color that I wanted. Then they hid the main category. They designed small circles through html that corresponded with the colors in the category. Now when I add a product, I add it to which ever color category I want. The customer then clicks on the colored circle and every product I have in that category shows up. Sorry I can't help you with the design process, but if you know html I'm sure you can figure it out.



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      Thanks for the reply.
      Since I am using 3DCart template, I guess that's why there are no browse by colors function.