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    We just had our design finished, and are looking for some feedback. By no means is the website 'complete', but would like some feedback on it.

    Most of it was designed by the 3dCart team. I had to make quite a few modifications to the product detail page, as the templates they gave you to choose from didn't necessarily match what we were looking for.

    Let me know what you think!

    Here is a link to some products, since all of the categories aren't filled yet..
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    Looks Great! :)


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      Looks really nice. Good design - crisp and clean and nicely laid out, well categorized and great product selection - looks like you have really great items at very good prices.

      Re your notice on shipping page regarding USPS delivery confirm and them not scanning...we've found that the surefire way to get them to scan incoming mail (which is really the most important one for your customers to see you've shipped) is to use their scan form which allows them to scan 1 barcode and it enters all packages. It's made things so much easier for us.

      I have to say though - knowing what shipping costs these days... I have no idea how you can offer free shipping on everything.

      Good luck with the new site - should be very successful.


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        Yes, we've been using the scan forms for quite a while actually. I'll have to update the wording on there. We mainly copied the wording from our other website. Thanks afor the reply!