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  • Changing the template

    I want to add something to all of my items under the price. I want to put in the wording Product and Prices available on-line only. I am having issues where customers want to get in the store that I carry on-line as well as pricing. I cant do that because I use a drop shipper for all of my on-line products.

    I'm familiar with most HTML but I'm not familiar with what template to edit or even where to edit it for that matter. I just took over this cart from an old employee so its all very new to me.

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    In your common folder you've got listing_0.html, listing_1.html, etc.. These will be the different product listing page templates that you can choose from (_0 being the default.) If you'd like to edit this, copy it into your template folder that you're using, edit it to include that text, and then upload it. You can edit and upload it leaving it in the common folder, and you will indeed see your change online, but if you leave it there it will get overwritten every week.

    Hope that helps.
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