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Are there any 3dCart Design partners?

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  • Are there any 3dCart Design partners?

    Most cart providers list designers who are familiar with their templating system that can help you with the design (or do it for you). 3DCart just seems to list their own design services. Unfortuantely even with the $1200 "ultimate" package they provide you with a design that is entirely dependent upon <table> elements. Why stuck in 1999? CSS is far superior for this. I didn't really feel like doing the design by hand myself.. was hoping I could spend $1200 and get a modern well-coded template..

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    We've yet had a buyer contact our store owners and not buy from them because they viewed the source of the cart and saw a "Table".

    I've seen buyers get turned off by the fact that things are out of place because of a CSS bug on IE6 or other older browsers.

    Bottom line is we optimize the templates for maximum viewers and search engine readability, can it be done with other technologies? Sure, do we use those technologies on other pages of 3dcart, yes, like the admin where we can ask the store owner and make it as part of the requirement to use specific set of browsers.

    Now, if you want to hire a designer to use only DIVs and CSS, you are welcome to do that, any designer will be able to help as we use standard HTML templates. But, let me tell you that i've seen horrific errors when people try to position things with CSS and looks great on 1 browser and its totally off on another.

    The goal is to eventually move to CSS templates on the front end, until then, we will concentrate more on usability and search engine compatibility.

    When you find a place that will code the template and design it from scratch for the $1200, drop their web address here as well.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      It would be nice to have partners for this - just so there are options.

      It took us a little over 2 months to get a fully completed design from 3dCart from the beginning to the end. The communication at times was poor, and things seemed to go at a snails pace. In addition, there were changes that 'weren't part of the package' - where there was no way to bend on certain things you wanted done. If you wanted something 'outside the package' - the cost was astronomical.

      Now, mind you - I did like the end result for the main template. We ended up doing multiple changes that weren't part of the package ourselves. The real key here is having options.

      I was afraid to go with anyone else because they may not know the 3dcart way. It would be nice to have 'certified developers' as an option. Even if it is more expensive - in some cases if it saves time, we would prefer to go with another developer.

      Just my 2 cents on this one...


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        Hi Gonzalo,
        I apologize if my original post was unfairly critical. I understand that with up to 10% of internet users still using IE6, a fully CSS based template can be a headache to design. From my perspective though, I am coming from a site with almost no front-end flexibility, and look forward to tweaking and moving stuff around on my design at a whim. This is much easier with CSS. The prospect of trying to sort through multiple cascading tables to move things around does not sound like fun to me.
        My original question was basically, "Are there any third party design sites that know all the ins-and-outs of the 3DCart template system?" I know any designer could work with it, but such partner design sites usually work out better in my experience.
        I just signed up for a starter package so that I could play with the site without any of the demo restrictions in place, and see how easily it will be for me to do a design on my own.


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          This just inspired another question: Does 3DC have the capability to do user-agent detection, and present different versions of the site depending on what platform/browser the visitor is using?


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            Any good web developer should be able to build a nice html/css template with divs that is usable on multiple browsers.

            All internet explorers allow for conditional tags although not perfect it is sometimes needed for IE6.

            I am currently building a div based layout site. Someone else designed it and i am building it for around $2500 australian dollars. Although this wont use all the features of 3dcart.

            I have noticed that 3dcart is geared for table layouts as somethings seem a little wierd eg the breadcrumbs (Home > Courses > Basic) this is returned as a set of a tags i would personally do it in a list, but everything can be done


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              This is the only frustrating thing I have about 3dcart, the endless cascading tables.

              But it Gil is correct that it shouldn't affect conversion and shopping experience for most ppl. For picky ppl like myself, I do notice a fractional second of delay and "jumpiness" as the tables render. As a side web developer, I am frustrated seeing the tables. I have tried cleaning them up and converting to divs for my first 3dcart website, but for the second one, I just gave up and left it alone.

              The 3dcart template system is actually pretty good, as 3dcart folks kept logic and presentation totally separate with the use of [] tags for data. The naming convention/labeling is also pretty clear so it shouldn't be a problem for any web designer/coder (besides a good amount of time to clean up the divs). The only problem I foresee is the category listing pages where data is output together with html table rows tags <tr>.
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