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    Is there a predefined way to display/add to cart for products with multiple options? e.g. we have products that can be sold by the box or by the case. Anyone selling clothes (I'm not), how do you handle options such as size?

    Seems silly to have to create multiple items just for a small variance.

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    Not sure if this is what you're after, but you can create options templates. For example, you can create one that has "Size: Large Medium and Small". Then when you add a new product you simply apply that template. You don't have to add each option again.

    Furthermore, you can adjust that template... say, you want to add "extra small". You can then apply it to every product using that template.

    That make sense?

    Here's the PDF for Product Options if you haven't seen it:,11
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      Perfecto, thank you!


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        Typed too early ;)

        I created an option category with 2 options. 1 is checked as the default and the combobox comes up with that option selected as expected.

        HOWEVER: the combobox contains not only the 2 options but an item for the option name, which of course means nothing to the order.

        For example my Option name is "Packaging", it contains 2 options "Single", "Case 12/count". "Single is checked as default.

        Launch the site, the combobox is titled "Packaging", the default item in the combo's textbox is "Single", drop down the list and they are

        "Case 12/count"

        I'd attach a snapshot but haven't figured that out either :-)


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          Yeah, I noticed that as well. With the label above the drop-down, doesn't seem like this is necessary. What I did is I labeled it as a question or instruction to make it stand out as what the customer is to do, rather than an option. So in your case, you could put "Select Packaging". To make them stick out a bit more, maybe you could put dashes in front of the options so it would be:

          Select Packaging
          - Single
          - Case 12/count

          This may not be as ideal as omitting it. (Perhaps there is a way that I don't know about. Do post if you find out.) But functionally it still stands. For example, if you set the option to be required, they cannot choose "Select Packaging" and continue adding it to their cart. Of course you can also choose which one is selected when they arrive to the product.

          Sorry to post work-arounds instead of the solution you were hoping for. If I figure it out I'll let you know.

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            Here's the answer sent by winterdd:

            Sorry I can't post to the thread -- they have not given me permissions yet! To remove the title from appearing as an option, go to: Settings->General->Store settings, then Enable "Hide options dropdown title".

            Maybe you can post this to the thread in case anyone else needs the info.



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              Originally posted by StuTheDog View Post
              Here's the answer sent by winterdd:
              Perfect... ignore my long-winded, unnecessary work-around :)
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