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Random characters on product listing page

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  • Random characters on product listing page

    I'm over to the product listing page now and notice that there are random characters popping up. These are upper 128 ASCII characters, attached is the Item ID: field, as you can see the item ID is formatted as

    À 16

    instead of just 16. Another product's id would appear as  22.

    Centered t the top of the page above the breadcrumps is


    There are others. This occurs in several places for all products on the product listing page only and only started this morning. I don't think my database is corrupted as the random characters are consistent for all products.

    Has anyone else seen this?
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    this has been solved, somehow when copying/editing my editor or the ftp process inserted a couple random bytes that did not display in the editor, so I couldn't see them to remove them.