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    Relaunch of the site. Moved from CoreCommerce and I have to say the transition has been terrific, way more features and control over the parts, categories and shipping. Overall a very mature ecommerce solution 3dCart has created.

    Only complaint is the generic email templates and really no good way to "test" the email format w/o creating dummy orders (CoreCommerce had a test button that would send an email with dummy data so you could see what it looked like and make sure you had the right variables)

    Started with a very basic template I had some custom coding done to show the MFGID on product, search and checkout and I also had 3dCart add the slideout menu. I also did a bunch of custom coding to the checkout, removed the captcha and did some misc tweaks to other pages.

    Tech support from 3dCart has been phenominal - and being open on the weekends allowed to me migrate everything over in about 1-1/2 days - so very little downtime.
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    Haven't had a chance to check out your site yet, but how did you find CoreCommerce? They were in my top 3 cart providers before I finally settled on 3DCart. They took themselves out of the running by flat-out refusing to extend my free trial by a few extra days so I could test a few more things.


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      w/o bashing them completely...they have a good product, but it seemed like they were learning along the way. By no means am I an expert at this stuff but when I was telling them how to fix issues or suggesting basic enhancements and I would have to pay for it - it got old.

      I didn't like how the design was so locked down (no access to the source) and the features that I found that I needed the most I would have had to pay for. (like the ability for a customer to see how much they are saving, knowing if they are logged into the site, multiple shiptos, more than 1 subcategory on a slideout menu, etc) are all included in 3dCart. Final straw was the 'updated' admin console that renders horribly and wasn't consistent.

      The issues didn't show up until orders were being processed and the inability to effectively update and manage 15,000+ parts made it difficult to stay with them.