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    Been around E-com a little while but new to 3d.

    I'm very impressed with the platform so far and support has been outstanding. It seems like a total newbie can actually open up a decent store and a code geek can go to town. Whoopee!

    Still learning their way of doing things. I've been using SSML and am very familiar with code just not 3d's.

    Still tweaking a little but the stores open and functional. Looking forward to adding some extra stuff but frankly there's so many built in features here at the click of a mouse or just dragging a (block?) to a different spot it's almost frustrating for a DIYer.

    Anyway like all newbies looking for feedback on our site please.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Clean and very usable. I think having and clearly displaying a 1-800 number is a great move. I would invest in a good logo, and perhaps put some links across the bottom of the site.

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      Your right, I need links at the bottom might get that today. Also haven't gotten to right hand content yet that was on yesterdays list. LOL

      Not sure about the logo thing, I'm fairly satisfied. Don't really want it busy but it was only my second or third design for it and pretty much what I had in mind.
      Any input as to what turned you off on it or is the logo just boring.

      Thanks again,
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