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Description-vs-Abstract Meta Tags

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  • Description-vs-Abstract Meta Tags

    What is the difference between the "description" and "abstract" meta tags that we can generate for both category and product pages?

    Right now, I have the same content for each, and then use unique keywords and titles to help differentiate the pages.

    Is there something I am missing here?

    I do not know much about the tags so any insights would be much appreciated.


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    The Abstract META tag is very similar to the description Meta tag, except its an abstraction or a brief summary of the description META tag. Generally the Abstract META tag is a one line sentence which gives an overview of the entire webpage. Although search engines do not as often use this tag, it is a useful complement to search engines that read the first few lines of text of your webpages.

    Description Meta tag
    Search engines that support META tags will often display the Description META tag along with your title in their results. Search engines will often capture the entire META tag of your description field, but webmasters should bear in mind that when a search engine displays the results to a user, the space is limited, usually under 20 words which you can use to grab the attention of a user. For this reason, when creating your META tags, webmasters should make the first sentence of their description field to capture the attention of a user and use the rest of the description tag to elaborate further.