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Any way to bulk change category options?

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  • Any way to bulk change category options?

    I want to change all 800 of my categories to show items in the "detail" mode, not "Thumbnail" mode. I can't find a general setting to do this. Is this possible?

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    here is the export headers in csv file

    id category_name category_description category_main category_parent category_header category_footer category_title category_meta sorting numtolist displaytype columnum iconimage special_numtolist special_displaytype special_columnum category_columnum category_displaytype related_displaytype related_columnum listing_displaytype hide category_defaultsorting userid last_update itemicon redirectto accessgroup link link_target upsellitems_displaytype upsellitems_columnum filename isFilter keywords

    maybe you need to export the catagories and change the displaytype or which ever column and then re-import the file.


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      Yeah, this would probably work. I don't want to do a bulk import/export though as my categories are controlled by custom programming that 3DC did and I don't want to mess it up.

      So I found a workaround by editing my copy of the category_0.html file.
      The "thumbnails/listing/details" options are controlled by these three HTML blocks, respectively:
      <!--START: ITEM_TEMPLATE_0-->
      <!--START: ITEM_TEMPLATE_1-->
      <!--START: ITEM_TEMPLATE_2-->

      All you gotta do is switch the 0 and 2 block tags, and the system will now use the detail code for the default thumbnails option. Not perfect but it works enough.