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Is there a deafult image for products?

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  • Is there a deafult image for products?

    We know there is a deafult product image for thumbnails if no thumbnail image is set, but is there a deafult image that can be used on the product page if no image is set? :confused:
    This would be help fuThanks in advance. :)

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    I think there is but can't remember what the filename is. YOu might try creating a new item and then look at the images tab to see what the default path is.


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      unfortunately, it appears it doesn't work that way. In the listing templates, the variable [THUMBNAIL] and [image1] appear to be used to dynamically load the image of each product. Apparently there is something in the code that states if a [THUMBNAIL] is not found, insert default.img
      We would like to also have the option if no [image1] is available, insert default2.img

      Anyone know how this works?

      Thanks in advance! :)


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        I uploaded a photo called "default.jpg" and a thumbnail called "default_thumbnail.jpg" to the main page of the file manager, and it works for all of my products missing a picture.


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          The default image in the product listing will not display for imported products. :(
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