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    I was wondering how do I change the html element and attribute tags to all lower case as required by xhtml to make my pages valid. I am getting > 250 errors on a page and most seem to be simple fixes like changing META to meta.

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    We style sheeted and rewrote our other site (about 30 template pages) last Feb replacing old <P ALIGN=""> tags with <p class=""> etc. and replaced all the cap commands with lower case.

    The way I found was to copy and paste the code into notepad and use the edit/replace feature selecting match case and select all then paste it back in.

    It went very quickly using this method.
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      I was under the impression that it's not possible to create a fully XHTML1.0 strict 3DC site. When I was working on it, there were some tags that were auto-generated by various code blocks which are not valid, for example with upper case.


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        Most certainly true. our other site has the same issues.