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  • Image code help!

    Hey gurus,

    I'm looking for some help or a direction on code for the 3Dcart solution that I could use that would change the main image when a pulldown is changed.

    For example: You want a pink shirt and the default image is s black shirt. Pull down to pink and the pict changes.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    I think this is more for small "color swatch" images, but, you could give it a try anyway.
    Upload images of the different colors, then proceed as follows:

    Go to Products -> View/Edit
    Click Edit next to the Item you want to add options to.
    Click on the Options Tab.
    Type in your Option Name, i.e. Color
    Type in the Sorting Number - this is used to control how your options display if you have more than one in the same product. Lower numbers will display before higher numbers.
    Check the Req. checkbox if you would like this option required to be chosen by the customer to be able to add the product to the shopping cart.
    Choose Dropimage in the Type field, then click Insert.

    Type the specific product option for the option category you have just created in the Description field, i.e. Red
    Click Insert.
    Click on the Select link in the Opt. field. Click Select next to the image you would like to add to this product option.
    Click Update All.
    Repeat this process for as many options you have for the product.

    Hope this helps!