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    We are trying to come up with a "View Product Spec Sheet" button that customers can click on to see the manufacturer's PDF product cut sheet, brochure or whatever. We have added the button as can be seen here under the product:

    Actually, we have added four buttons, for other features, yet to be added. We have the price match link, and will be implementing the View Product Spec Sheet, and are experimenting with making it dynamic based on the specific product. We will try the href to assets/images/pdfs/[mfgid].pdf for example. We will supply a pdf for each product. How do you make a new open in a popup window? target=blank doesn't seem to work. The main issues would be what default would be used if the product has no pdf file? How to implement something besides link back to / page? The other buttons will be used for "Download Supplies Order Form" and such. This is more difficult as to how to determine the "supplies type" being specific to product. Thoughts, comments, ideas?
    Thanks in advance. :)

    PS: Wonder if the Advanced Option code [AO_code} could be used dynamically? We use this as the actual product part number in many of our products, Wonder if this could change the link when the other product option is selected??? :)
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    Okay, we were able to utilize the code: '/assets/images/PDFs/[mfgid].pdf' to setup a specific link to the product spec sheet. And changed the code to to open in a new browser window.....
    Does anyone have an idea at how to have a dynamic link to a category title?
    For example, if you are viewing a product in the Popcorn Supplies category, we would like to link to our popcorn supplies orderform. We tried the [catid] and [category_fulline] fields, but, the first only returns a number and not a text title and the latter returns an url. Anyone know a way to return the category "Name" in textual format?
    Thanks in advance :)

    UPDATE: What we did was to print out all the categories and their corresponding id numbers. And then, created multiple copies of our orderform and named them the same as all the subcategories for our products. It's a hack, but, it's working so far. For example, under main category "POPCORN" we have six sub categories, so, we uploaded six popcorn supplies order forms named 55, 56, 57, 118. 132 etc. It seems to work. :)

    For example, look here:

    If you click on Offline Order Form, the form will be category specific! :D
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