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  • Recruiting Reviews!

    Since product reviews are hard to come by (at least for us!) we are experimenting with our "We Value Your Feedback" promotion. We have placed a feedback icon in the right sidebar and link to a coupon code offer for submitting a review. Hopefully, this will encourage more product reviews. We really just weren't receiving any reviews. :(

    Anyone else have ideas or programs in place that are producing results? We'd love to hear of them!
    Thanks in advance! :)

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    From what I do in another industry (not related to using 3dCart, etc.) getting reviews to come in is difficult, getting worthwhile one's, even harder. Unless you are dealing with a fast paced industry, with products frequently changing spec's, with hard fought competition, etc., there seems to be little "interest" generated. i.e., Apple / Intel, Iphone / Droid, etc., etc.

    The only thing a friend of ours has done, that has given them some help in this area, is to create the competition (competative spirit) artificially... They started a program where they had the different reviews rated... Did this review help?, type of question. Then, the top rated reviews / reviewers, received some sort of a reward / discount. I do not know if that can be done in 3dCart, or not... Nor do I know if it would work with your products / clients...

    The other aspect, or maybe, it goes along with it, is... Once reviews start to come in, it helps get others interested in writing them. i.e., "seed" the reviews and then get them out front so people see they exist.

    I know I (personally) do 90% of my shopping for things, on-line. I get a dozen or so requests a week to review something we purchased. Offers of 10% off my next purchase for writing a review, is not unheard of. But... I hate to say it, few, if any of those "requests" generate anything more than my hitting the <delete> button in my email.

    Not much help, but maybe it gives you an idea...maybe not.