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  • Create PDF and email it

    Many of our vendors now create invoice pdfs and email to us. They no longer invoice via US mail, as in the past. And, I can't blame them at 42 cents a pop or more. Not sure what systems they use, but, it work quite well. They email us our invoice in pdf format, and it includes the tracking number for the shipment as well. We would like to reciprocate and send them a pdf purchase order via email as well. anyone know a system that will do this?
    Currently, we are efaxing a word doc and would like to move to pdf via email. This will help their order entry as well, since with the pdf file they can cut and paste address/customer info with less error as opposed to the hard copy fax. Even if would could auto email from word (creating a pdf) would be great.

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    PDF Writer

    You can continue to use Word and print to a PDF print driver, free download at and email it from there. Not really a 'system' ... but it works.


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      We currectly use DoPDF.
      Your seems to do more! :)


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        Were nearly paperless here.
        If using office pro you should also have office document imaging available as a printer.
        In options you can set it up to print as a .tif file that opens with any default image program.

        hit print select imaging as the printer. The doc. pops up, (you can also print and add more files to it and save) click file and send to email recipient.

        We use this for our DS suppliers. We send the order form, packing slip and the prepaid shipping label in our name from their address in the tif.

        We and our shippers love it. They print it, tape the label on and it's gone. We get our shipping discounts, shipping cost/tracking is in our system plus our DS's waive the DS fees too.


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          We use MS Office Professional. Problem is, when you print to image writer, the file comes up in the image viewer. No way to email it directly. Do you know a workaround?


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            Gotta love MS. to shut down your computer first press start.
            Start/programs/MS office/MS office tools/open MS office imaging.

            once opened:
            tools/options/other/file import preferences/

            Select 'tiff-monochrome fax' and set the resolution (fine 200 is good enough for bar codes) then select the folder you want them to magically appear in.

            See only ten steps to override the MS default that nobody can open!

            In fine res our order form, packing slip and ship label is 80-110 KB. Way smaller than PDF.

            P.S. If you have borders around any entries the preview may look like c&@p but they print clean and you can also add text boxes for notes to your vendors like 'NEXT DAY AIR' and a couple of rudimentary tools to mark out stuff if your splitting the order before sending.

            Can send you a sample if you want to see one.


            Forgot, once set to TIFF they open in the MS document imaging and you can select file/send to email recipient
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