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  • Checkout Process Feedback...

    would be appreciated.

    We are not thrilled with the current implementation and want to redesign the process on our client's site so any an all comments would be appreciated.



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    What were you wanting to change? Did you want to make it a single page checkout, or were you wanting to change the look of the multipage checkout? Great site btw.

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      Thanks for asking.

      We are not looking for cosmetic changes but rather content or process changes that will improve our conversion rate. It's a rather complex situation already (with multiple shipping potentials based on what type of products you order) and we are not 100% sure what changes will really make the difference so I figured I would solicit some feedback from other 3dcart users.


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        I wasn't sure what problems I was looking for or if you just wanted a general assessment of the checkout process, but in my opinion the process was good and easy to follow. I didn't complete my test order all the way through (as test123). I didn't see where people could purchase as a guest though. Many usability experts argue that forcing people to register without offering the option to purchase as a guest can be confusing and frustrating, potentially driving customers away.

        But I think it's a great site! Quick question: if you don't mind me asking, what did you use for the scrolling category list on the home page? - "What are you looking for?" I'm right in the middle of a major site redesign to improve usability, aesthetics, and overall navigation and have been looking for a similar scrolling effect.


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          Thanks for the feedback. It was along the lines of what I was looking for.

          I will talk to the client about the account versus guest situation but fundamentally we are selling live creatures and we use the CRM/RMA functions to handle the generous Live Arrival/15 Guarantee situation so the creation of an account seemed to facilitate our ability to offer top notch customer service.

          The design and some of the enhanced features have been homegrown by us for the client and the home page scrollers are a combination of CSS and javascript.


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            checkout process

            It appears you're using Webpayment Pro. I use the same system and was afraid customers were getting tripped up by the Paypal button vs. "checkout." I'm over it. It works great. I went through your site and it looks fine. I decided to use the single-page checkout because it means fewer clicks for customers. Either way, it's pretty clear. I would suggest making it clear in the footer (or anywhere on every page), that your customers can use their credit card or paypal. You can see how I did it: I'm not saying my way is best, but I labored over this and decided, just last week, that the Webpayments Pro integration is really nice and intuitive as designed by 3dcart.