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Prodcut page layout help needed

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  • Prodcut page layout help needed

    On our product page we would like to incorporate the manufacturer's logo on each product page. Also, the manufacturer's logo is also a link to that manufacturer's "browse by manufacturer" category. Anyone know the bit of code needed for this? in addition, we would want a dynamic link (pdf) built that links to the prodcut spec sheet and is based on the path to the product's specific pdf file.
    Thanks in advance! :)

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    Can or are the manufacturer's associated with a number in the code?
    We found out that the categories can be referenced by a number (1, 2 3, etc) just need to know if the manufacturers are the same way. And, how do we determine what number is what manufacturer. Thanks! :)


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      One way around this is to make the manufacturers different categories and you can continue to use the number system.

      That is about all I can think of trying.



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        Here is what we are after. On each product page, we want the manufacturer's logo to display. We have been doing this manually in each product page and that is just too cumbersome with thousands of products. We would like to modify the listing page so that the "manufacturer" logo displays under the price of the item. Thus, the code: img src=assets/images/default/[manufacturer].jpg
        However that variable is not available on listing.html

        We have sucessfully implemented assets/images/pdfs/[catid].pdf to display pdfs based on the category, but, would like to do similar with other variables...
        Thanks! :)


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          I did some work on the manufacturers several months ago and could not figure out how they called them. My issue was to get them listed in the same list as the categories. I did not want a separate section for listing the manufacturers and since I could not figure out how they called them and get it to work without the ugly drop down I just made them categories which I could then code using the numbering the categories use.

          Our products are still listed by the manufacturer but that list is not shown on our pages. Just the categories show up for the manufacturers. The categories can have images and with that I would think you could get your image to show up.

          But for a straight forward image from the manufacturers list I don't know how to get it. I am sure there is a way but 3dcart will want several thousand to tell you how to do it.

          Sorry this isn't the exact help you were looking for.


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            Thanks. You can see the dilemma. When assigning a product to a manufacturer, if there was a number or code variable available for that manufacturer, we could name the manufacturer's image that same variable and be able to call images dynamically from the listing template. We can already do a similar dynamic calling of an item, such as based on the mfgid of the product to call up a pdf product sheet, etc.
            We'll keep trying....


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              How about using

              HTML Code:
              <!--START: manufacturer_logo-->
              <img src="[manufacturer_logo]">
              <!--END: manufacturer_logo-->
              same can be used for:
              Gonzalo Gil
              3dCart Support
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                Okay, that works great! Thanks.
                One more question, what code can be used to NOT display the little red X when no manufacturer logo is available?
                Thanks again! :)


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                  HTML Code:
                  <!--START: manufacturer_logo--> and END tags
                  around the tag are there to REMOVE the block when the variable manufacturer_logo is blank...let me know if its not working like that.
                  Gonzalo Gil
                  3dCart Support
                  800-828-6650 x111


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                    yes, we have the start and end tags. It's no big deal, we can just put an image for each manufacturer.

                    Maybe it's the "img src" part? We'll play around with it. Thanks for your help! :)

                    Here's one with the image: as you can see, It works really well, and looks good when there is an manufucaturer image.

                    Here's one without:
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                      Thanks for your help, Gonzalo.
                      Do you know of a way to make the "manufacturer_logo" a dynamic link to the "browse by manufacturer" ?
                      We have been manually coding these links for each manufacturer and it would be great to do away with manual coding.

                      Thanks in advance:)