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Creating Multiple Category Boxes

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  • Creating Multiple Category Boxes


    I'd like to break up my category list in the left hand nav bar into sections that each have the same header as "Shop by Price" etc. I've figured out how to create the multiple sections, however I've managed to create a glitch in the process. Unfortunately, now the top "Section" of categories repeats the list of categories under the menu-header 33 times. And then my additional menu sections show up as normal with no repeating. Any suggestions?

    Here's my code:

    						<!--START: FRAME_CATEGORY-->
    						<br />
    						<table width="200" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" border="0">
    								<td class="menu-headers">&nbsp;Shop by Style</td>
    					<!--START: CATEGORIES-->
    							<tr><td><a href="Vintage-Antique_c_195.html" class="cat">&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="icon">&raquo;&nbsp;</span>Vintage & Antique</a></td></tr>
    						        <tr><td><a href="Estate-Jewelry_c_194.html" class="cat">&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="icon">&raquo;&nbsp;</span>Estate Jewelry</a></td></tr>
    							<tr><td><a href="Modern-Jewelry_c_203.html" class="cat">&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="icon">&raquo;&nbsp;</span>Modern Jewelry</a></td></tr>
    							<tr><td><a href="Fashion_c_205.html" class="cat">&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="icon">&raquo;&nbsp;</span>Fashion Jewelry</a></td></tr>
    							<!--END: CATEGORIES-->
    						<!--END: FRAME_CATEGORY-->
    						<!--START: FRAME_CATEGORY2-->
    						<br />
    						<table width="200" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" border="0">
    								<td class="menu-headers">&nbsp;Shop by Item</td>
    							<!--START: CATEGORIES2-->
    							<!--START: CATEGORY_FORMAT-->
    							<tr><td><a href="Rings_c_208.html" class="cat">&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="icon">&raquo;&nbsp;</span>Rings</a></td></tr>
    							<tr><td><a href="Brooches-Pins_c_227.html" class="cat">&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="icon">&raquo;&nbsp;</span>Brooches & Pins</a></td></tr>
    							<tr><td><a href="Earrings_c_214.html" class="cat">&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="icon">&raquo;&nbsp;</span>Earrings</a></td></tr>
    							<tr><td><a href="Necklaces_c_211.html" class="cat">&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="icon">&raquo;&nbsp;</span>Necklaces</a></td></tr>
    							<!--END: CATEGORY_FORMAT-->
    							<!--END: CATEGORIES2-->
    						<!--END: FRAME_CATEGORY2-->

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    I figured it out. Just can't have any frame called Category for I renamed it to Category3 and that solved the problem. =)