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  • Secure check out links

    Our 3dcart site is not yet live but close to it. I am in the final stages of things and am wondering about the checkout page and the links that are on it.

    Today our current website hosted on the worlds worst hosting company - caused us a problem with our checkout page. We had links - internal and external that were coded starting with http://www.

    The little padlock on Firefox started displaying a red exclamation point. IE popped up with a warning that the page included unsecured information. Now I know godaddy is perfect and nothing is ever wrong with their system and services. I have been told that by them every month for the past several years. Yet, again today they claim the problem is not them but my coding on the check out page. This coding has not changed in at least 2 years!

    Their claim is that the links have to be started with https://www.

    They claim without the "s" the page will have problems with it's security. So I changed all the links to what they said and the warnings went away.

    But then I thought I better check on my 3dcart checkout page and see if the links were listed with the "s".

    They are not! But there is no warning in either browser and the padlock is shown just fine. So I thought maybe that is because my site is not live yet. I went to two other sites I know use 3dcart and went to their checkout pages. One site has over 60 links without the "s" and the other site has over 90 links without the "s".

    The first site I know does a huge amount of online business. The second I believe does a lot of business as well. Neither site has any error come up saying the page has insecure information and the padlocks display fine.

    Now I know godaddy hires only people that are good at lying so I never trust them anyway. But my question is do the links on the 3dcart checkout pages need to be coded as https://www. ?

    Why is there a difference from one hosting company to another?

    I honestly cannot wait to get away from godaddy. In the mean time I don't want to run into the same problem with our 3dcart so I need to know if the "s" is important.

    Also, I will not be using the 3dcart shared certificate and will NOT use a godaddy certificate if that makes a difference.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give.


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    Did you ever figure this out?
    Webmaster: Texas Media Systems


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      I'd like to know what the answer to this question is as well. I'm encountering multiple issues with secure and non-secure pages and I don't really understand why or how to fix them.


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        TMS and Woodsprite,

        I have never had a problem with this on 3dcart. It doesn't seem to be an issue with 3dcart. The problem I was having with was resolved with them eventually. The problem as always with with godaddy and not my coding or how the ssl works or any of the lies they we trying to tell me.