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Editing Frame.html in Dreamweaver - No images

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  • Editing Frame.html in Dreamweaver - No images

    I'm trying to edit my frame.html in dreamweaver. When i DL the file and open it, the images don't appear. I understand that the references are relative and it doesn't know where they are but I need them to display so that I can rework the header/banner section of the frame. I've tried googling to no avail. I'd appreciate if someone could give me a little guidance. I've never used dreamweaver (CS4) before but have played a bit and worked out some of the basics. My site was originally designed by 3dcart but I realize that having them make each and every change won't be affordable.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Can you download the folder structure of your website and save it in the working directory of Dreamweaver?


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      folder structure starting with which?

      Ah...I can do that. When you say "folder structure," you mean everything inside the "web" folder. Right? or do i need everything inside the root folder? or can i just get away with the templates folder?

      I was just looking at the "DB" folder and my ftp program said it's 98 megabytes so i'm hoping not to download everything and run up my bandwidth limit

      Thanks again!
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        thanks for your help


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          Here is what you can do.

          Make a folder on your computer

          Inside, drop the template files

          Make a sub folder called "Assets"

          Now, go into your store FTP and download the "ASSETS/Templates" folder to it".

          So your file structure should look like:

          STORE (Folder)
          -ASSETS (sub Folder)
          -Templates (sub Folder of assets)

          Now, there is 2 tags you need to fix on frame.html because the tag comes from the admin panel and it tells what folder you are using for your template, since you are looking it locally that tag needs to be replaced manually, that tag is called "[template]", so replace that with "v30013" or whatever template you are editing. Then replace "[stylesheet]" for "default.css" or whatever CSS file you are working with.

          Now, dreamweaver will be able to understand the paths to the CSS and things should be much easier.

          Before uploading the file back up, replace that "v30013" back to "[template]"
          Gonzalo Gil
          3dCart Support
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            Thank You so much for your detailed response!


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              Originally posted by bzeltzer View Post
              Thank You so much for your detailed response!
              bzelter - Did Gil's explanation work for you?
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                Gil's solution

                His solution got me past the initial hurdle of displaying the images. I'm still learning dreamweaver so I haven't posted any of the changes. That said, from what I can tell, I think his solution will do the job.


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                  I'm not getting this to work, so maybe some clarification.

                  Here are the folders I have created:

                  ......frame.html (this is the one associated with template v32029)
                  ..................css (folder)
                  ..................images (folder)
                  ..................frame.html (this is the same file as the one in STORE)

                  I've replaced "[template]" with "v32029" and "[stylesheet]" with "default.css" in both of the frame.html files.

                  Sorry, I'm not very savvy with this stuff, so can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Assuming I shouldn't have 2 of the same frame.html files, but not sure where the other one would come from.
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                    Styling frame.html in Dreamweaver

                    Did you ever get this setup to work for you? Being that there are two versions of frame.html in this setup, which do you edit?


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                      Nope--I never could get it to work


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                        Bumping this thread up because I'm running into this problem too. Anyone have some suggestions?


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                          I been through this process before so I thought I shed some light on how I got it to work.

                          Depending on what template you are using this may vary slightly but on mine, line 8 had the following on frame.html:
                          <link rel="StyleSheet" href="assets/templates/[template]/css/[stylesheet]" type="text/css" media="screen">

                          For Images, some example paths in frame.html
                          <img src="assets/templates/[template]/images/cart.gif"
                          <img src="assets/templates/common/images/spacer.gif"

                          The harder way to fix the problem is start editing the frame.html so it matches your folder structure but the easier way to do is so you can ftp back quickly the updates is to just adjust your folder structure to match the frame.html paths.

                          So ftp following to your website folders to your computer:
                          web/assets/templates/YourTemplateName (entire contents + folder)
                          web/assets/images (if you have uploaded custom images for your frame.html)

                          Now we must change the folder structure to match what is in the frame.html.
                          So make assets/templates folder then rename your template folder to [template] and rename your default_modified.css to [stylesheet]

                          The folder structure on your computer should now look like this
                          frame.html and all templates should be in the root folder.

                          Important ---> make sure the folder is exactly named "[template]" and the css you are using should be named [stylesheet] with no .css extension.

                          So in about 5 min, you should have everything setup and ready to make edits. Then when you are done, uploads are fast and easy. Keep in mind it's not necessary to change things in the template from <!--START: and <!--END: blocks as those tables won't appear in the live site if you have those features turned off in 3dcart admin. (example [frame_byprice])
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