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  • Site Overhaul-Your opinion?

    I read somewhere on this forum "that I know only enough to be dangerous" and I thought it was fitting when I embarked on a little web site house cleaning. I am a month into it and I'd appreciate your feedback.


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    I really like the simple and clean look of your site - very fitting for your tagline of "simply...clean fragrance for your home".Very nice site! A couple of thoughts:

    1. Me personally, I wouldn't do a 100% width for the site and would make it a fixed width - even 900-980 pixels or so. The 100% width really stretches the text across the screen and makes it a little more tedious to read.

    2. On your home page: I'd probably flip-flop the category section at the bottom of your page starting with "Shop Our Store" with the flower and candle photo and text section at the top of the page. I think the category section gives a quick at-a-glance view of what your company sells - more so than the text. If you wanted to include some text above the fold, you could always add a very short blurb (couple of sentences) above this "Shop Our Store" section.

    But I think your site looks nice. I know from my own experience that our site seems to be a continual work in process - After a complete site overhaul a few months ago, I still have a long list of changes/updates that need to be made.

    Best wishes!


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      Dear Scribe,
      I apologize for the delay in sending my thanks for your review.

      I made a few changes, width and a little rearranging.

      I appreciate your comments.



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        No problem. By the way - I really like the new design. :)


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          I agree with Sribe about switching the categories with the top bar. It is just more familiar to look for categories in the left bar and the about me type of content at the topbar.