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Shipping option for using customers shipping account.

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  • Shipping option for using customers shipping account.

    I am in the process of migrating our website to 3DC. We have more than a few customers who prefer to use their own shipping account when placing an order. Our current cart allows us to enter a custom shipping type, which we show as the ship option of "Use My Shipping Account", and the customer is informed to enter their pertinent information (shipper, account number and method) in an "Order Notes" field. How can this be set up within 3DC so it doesn't just show up as "Free Shipping" (i.e. where it shows the cost of $0.00 for shipping)? With it presenting in that fashion, it seems too inticing for customers to try to "get away with" free shipping when they have no shipping account.

    Thanks in advance!


    p.s. the ideal situation would be where the "Use My Shipping Account" option would require the additional info to be entered for the order to be placed. Otherwise, a paid shipping method must be selected.

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    You can setup a custom shipping option with 3dcart do do that. Checkout questions might work for the customer to enter their shipping account but I don't think it will. What you will probably need to do is do some custom java script coding that will show / hide a checkout questions based on the shipping method selected. You will also have to write code to make it required.