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  • Change Item Number with Option

    I thought I had seen a 3Dcart website where the Item Number displayed changed as you selected a Option. Example: Item # WIDGET, would change to WIDGET-BL as you select Blue from the drop down. But I can't find this anywhere.

    Also, how would you change the Category Display to include the Item Number? Right now as the items are listed in each category, only the Short Description is displayed. We would like the Item Number listed along with the Short Description.

    Thanks for your help.

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    The change part number is in the options screen. Look at all the settings for the option. Part# is the 6th one from the left.



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      If you select "Listing Style 2" the Item ID does not dynamically change with the Option Selected like the other Listing Styles do. We like Style2, but would like to add that feature I can't figure out what code to modify.

      Anyone know how to get this done?


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        Yea, I just noticed this today...we much prefer the "side by side" style over the default and not having the dynamic part number is somewhat disappointing. Guess I'll need to do some digging while cleaning up the messy gift registry/email friend/wishlist/social media gobblygook that comes with it.


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          I just worked this one out. I looked at the templates where it works and noticed what was missing the template for Style 2.

          In template listing_1.html (which is the template used for "Listing Style 2" :eek: ) you have to add the start/end id comments around the table cell and change the code in the table cell as shown below.

          Like this:

          <td><strong>Item Id:&nbsp;[id]</strong></td>
          <!--START: id-->
          <td class="item" valign="top">[product_id] <span style="display: inline;" id="product_id">[id]</span></td>
          <!--END: id-->


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            Thanks Mimib. This works great for products with the entire Part Number listed in the Advanced Options.

            We have a few products where we are not using the Advanced Options and just adding -WH, or -SM after the part number and in these cases, only the -SM is displayed as the Part Number. Any idea on how to fix this?