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Auto-Resizing My Logo?

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  • Auto-Resizing My Logo?

    I'm a newbie 3dCart customer and we're in the process of building our store. One thing has us stumped... we've created a company logo to use in Template v32020 which is approximately 150 x 150 pixels. We've changed the frame template so that the header area (the colored area up top) is big enough to accommodate the larger logo, but our logo continues to be automatically resized to 96 x 96 pixels. Is there a setting somewhere that we're missing which needs to be changed so we can display our larger logo image?
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    Hi Piaf,

    That particular template has an extra setting within it's Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that is resizing the logo as you describe.

    We placed it on the CSS file to prevent the theme's framing from being inadvertently thrown off when a larger logo is added.

    However, from what you're describing, you seem to have taken the necessary steps in the frame coding to accommodate the larger image.

    If you go to Settings =>Design =>Themes & Styles, you can access the theme's CSS file and edit it as needed. Just click on the "Edit Look/Colors" button, followed by the "Advanced Mode" option on the CSS.

    The Style you're looking for is labeled:

     #logo img {
    	height: 95px;
    You can either remove the style altogether, or edit it so that it confirms to your logo's pixel height.


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      {{{{{ 3dCartHenry }}}}}}

      Many virtual hugs sent your way! Sheesh, as much time as I've spent modifying the CSS file, you'd think I'd have noticed the entry you referenced in the 3rd position in the file!! Thank you so much for that tip, now I can get this issue checked off my list! :D