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Editing Pricing "Offline"...possible?

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  • Editing Pricing "Offline"...possible?

    Hi all,

    I tried searching for the answer to this in the forum, but I generally only found people who were asking to edit their design templates offline.

    We're going to try a new pricing structure for about 150 items, but I can't seem to find a way to edit our prices offline.

    I could do them one at a time while logged into our cart, but the changes would be done "live" as they are changed, and during the day it might throw some customers off, or fudge our profit margins if a customer were to purchase something at the wrong price until the new pricing is all up-to-date.

    Is it possible to somehow work on new pricing offline without the changes happening live?

    Thank you in advance to anyone with an idea, suggestion, or solution!

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    Hi, this is totally possible, and actually very easy. What you want to do is export the data fields you want to edit. Then you can make all necessary changes to the data in the spreadsheet, and import that back into your admin when you are finished. It is an efficient way to do all sorts of bulk editing. Go to Products>Import/Export>Custom Export Sets. There you can select the fields you need to edit and export them. You are required to include the Product name and id, and then just add the price field. One trick - don't leave any fields blank when you do this. If you had data in those fields it will be deleted when you import the .csv file. Good luck!
    Laura Z
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      I can't thank you enough for your advice (and the tip as well, I'm sure that will save me some headaches)! It's very much appreciated and I can't wait to give this a try today!



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        Ok, running into a little bit of trouble (makes me wish I'd taken a few more computer classes in school!).

        I'm not 100% new to csv, but I'm also far from an expert. I set up the custom export data to include "catalogid", "id", "price", and "sale price".

        Just curious how to also get the volume discount pricing involved (i.e., 1-9 is $X off, 10-24 is $X off, etc.). The "qtyoption" and "qtydiscount" fields are blank when I include them in the file, as well as "price_1", "price_2", and so on when I try adding those fields. Also, I can't seem to get all of the product options from a field. If product A has 3 colors (Blue, Black, and Red), I can't seem to get those to show up (there's no "Feature Name" field in the drop-down menu of the custom export, like there is in the pre-set Product Options export template).

        In some of the Upload templates (like "Pricing"), there is a "Lowbound" and "Upbound" field, but I don't see those fields in the custom export data drop-down list. Is this something that I can manually include in a pricing sheet and it will accept when I upload the file?

        I'm sorry in advance for these (likely idiotic) questions. I'm going to be reading some of the articles in the knowledge base and tutorials, but just in case someone has a quick answer first :)

        Thank you,