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Changing Report Fonts

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  • Changing Report Fonts

    I'm trying to locate where to change the report fonts that show up on items like the order_print.asp page. Unfortunately I haven't been able to locate the css that controls them.

    When I inspect the page it appears that it's linked to the css/default.css and is controlled by the report-font1 & report-font2 .

    These fonts aren't controlled by the template css and for the life of me, even after searching in the directories, I can't find the "css/default.css" path that's listed.

    Any ideas? :confused:

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    In case anyone else is interested, I've resolved the issue with Support.

    The .css that is called is in a protected area of the site so I didn't have access to it. In fact, Support didn't even have access to it. They had to have the developers move it to an area that I could view the file, save it locally, upload it to my site, and then re-define the call in the .html page.

    :eek: Kind of a lot of work for a style sheet but it's done and they are much happier with the look of the report.

    It would be my suggestion to 3d that ALL css files be in an area that the users can change. After all, they are how we control the look and feel of the site and all of it's supporting sections. If they have the backup/restore feature the .html has then we should be safe.


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      Here is the reply that I got from 3dCart:

      "I spoke with our designers and the class does not actually exist at the current moment, which is why the text is very standard. The idea was to assign the class so that if you wanted to change it you could go into the CSS and add the reference and create the class to have it match what you wanted."

      They also suggested that I could define the classes in the html file for the invoice template instead of the CSS. What is the name of the CSS file?


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        just do this and it should work fine

        just put this code below under <head> on the invoice-print.html

        <style type="text/css">
        font-size: 12px !important;
        font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif;


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          Gotta try this Joe thanks much for the info. My invoices will run two pages and I hate that and Ive looked everywhere for how to change the font on the invoices. If this works, you're da man!!


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            Just made the change and it works great so I also put it in the packing_print.html file. Thanks for the easier solution.


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              Oh that is SO much better! Thanks Joe for the great fix for a problem I've had no success working around any way I could think of on my own


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                glad it worked for you guys :)