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Phone number not required on one page checkout

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  • Phone number not required on one page checkout

    Hi all,
    I have been trying to make the phone number not required on the one page checkout.html but no luck. If anybody can help I would appreciate it thanks

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    As I understand it, there is no way to not require the phone number.

    I think it's a nuisance and could lead to cart abandonment. But the only way to fix it is, if I understand correctly, to pay 3dcart to customize your site. :-(

    I find giving my phone number to be way more intrusive than giving my email address. If you only have a cell phone, that means that if you get a junk call, YOU have to PAY for it.

    And it isn't like spam filtering exists on phones (though google voice is trying.)


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      You can trick the system by modifying a number of the template files to auto-fill with a word like "optional", but if you use paypal you will have problems.