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    Hi Everyone!

    I'd love to hear what you think about the design we have.. The site is We deal in Christian Gospel tracts and literature distribution. Any comments would be wonderful!


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    Nice overall look. The one thing I would do after a quick look is spend some time on the menu, the items at the top and on the left could use a little customization. Could be font change, color change, or a more stylistic box around the items on the left.


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      site review

      hi. i was surprised at the blackground. i don't dislike it. i like the reflections the images give. i'm looking at your contact page. i use a reason drop down box on my site because i'm able to place all like email in the same folder and i'm able to focus on one type of issue at a time. it's been especially helpful for v day since i had several people asking questions. but if you don't get a lot of emails then it would be pointless.

      i like you'll do great!! good luck


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        I would say the same as Mueller. Your side categories and top menus could use some work. You might consider hiring Michelle from 3dCart. I bet for a few $$'s she could customize it to your liking. She has helped us on three of our sites.

        This shopping cart is very easy to work with. We spent 5+ years with Miva Merchant and fought it the whole time. We been treated with respect here and feel like part of the 3dCart family. Even my little brother Jimmy! :)

        Bill Fox