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    I've been working on a new site and just got the domain setup with a name I registered with godaddy. It used the tutorial and got it working fine.
    I then decided I wanted to shorter the domain name so I went back and registered another domain name with godaddy. I thought I could just go through and follow the same steps to change it over.
    I can't get the new one to work by doing the same thing. I change the store URL to the new domain, but I can't change the secure URL. How do I change the secure URL over to the new domain?

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    Not sure I fully understand the question. Are you trying to apply your existing SSL certificate to the new domain with the new name? If so, to my knowledge, that will not work since SSL certs are domain specific. And, at least I was told in the past, they cannot be reassigned. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this (or misunderstand the question).



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      I'm pretty sure thats true that you would have to get a cert for the new domain.