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Question about keyword placement

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  • Question about keyword placement

    When creating an item there is a place for keywords. I have noticed if I enter my keywords here they appear under keywords when I view source. Also, the item description appears in "content description" under view source. So these are being created when I create the item.

    Is this sufficient or should I instead fill out the Meta Tags using the tag wizard tool??

    Which is better for SEO?

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    I just use the keyword field. I originally did the Meta Tag field, but then realized it was a duplication of effort, so I wiped out the Meta Tags and just use the auto-generated tags from the Keyword field. Something else I found out through a little testing... the keyword field also allows your products to be found with those keywords when customers do an in-store search. So that's helpful too.


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      Thank you Piaf. Thats great news because all my keywords got uploaded in my file from my current platform. Going to save me a lot of time. :D